Things to consider if you’re planning to build your own house

  1. Finding the right builder in Malvern and Worcester
  2. There are many different reasons why people choose to build their own homes, and the idea has really taken off in the public imagination with TV programmes following the fortunes of people setting out to make their dreams a reality.

    But unless you are extremely adept at the building trade yourself and have a lot of time on your hands, you will actually need a builder to work on your self-build project, and it’s crucial to get the right one. Many new build projects in Malvern and Worcester have been successfully completed with the help of Hodgkiss – and we regularly work on new build developments, from single ‘self-build’ houses to commercial scale projects.

  3. Cost control
  4. We all know that keeping to the budget is something to aspire to, but which doesn’t always happen.Yet for many people who set out to build their own place to live, the lower price tag is a key incentive.

    If you want to avoid the stress of overspending, the best way is to make sure the way you calculate projected costs allows for all those little contingencies. Then once you have a realistic figure you can prioritise your spending where necessary.

  5. Getting the home you want
  6. The real draw for self-builders is the chance to create the home that they’ve always wanted, whether that’s an eco-friendly bunker with living roof, or a kit home in the forest. To make your vision a reality you will need to employ an architect, and no matter how sure you are of your designs it’s best to make full use of their professional expertise.
    A good architect will work with your other contractors to facilitate the creation of your home, and potentially save you costly mistakes along the way.